Ministry Update for the Week

Ministry Update for the Week


Man, I’m tired! I’ve been out preaching five times this week in addition to work, and I’m totally wiped out. But I can honestly say that it’s been worth it. Things we’ve seen this week:

1. A guy really wanted to beat me up! I mean really! (I figure he will eventually)

2. A girl hailed Satan which was weird and sad. Pray for her.

3. A minister called me a “false prophet” while himself claiming that God overlooks sin and doesn’t judge. Who’s the heretic now?

4. The aforementioned minister and I made friends when he realized his fault (and I likewise realized my harsh treatment of him). He hugged me today and told me he loved me.

5. Three atheists, Bryan, Jamal and Abdul (raised Muslim) all accepted New Testaments and agreed to read them. Bryan and Jamal were the most receptive of the three and Jamal most especially. God really touched his heart when an anonymous girl whom I absolutely do not know told him Jesus loved him…he nearly teared up. Abdul, the atheist raised a Muslim, allowed me to pray with him! Praise God.

6. The police on campus are far more aware of my presence, that’s for sure, but no problems as of yet.

7. I’ve got one candidate for baptism and I’m praying he reads and understands for himself his need to take that step. Please, pray for him to that end. My hope is that he’ll call me in the morning and I’ll be blessed with the opportunity to dunk him.

What a week!

In Christ,

Brother Cody


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