Updates Galore!

Hello faithful readers,

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It’s my Mom, my wife Ashley, and our daughters Emma and Sarah inside the humble Evangel Mission.  Join us in praying for harvest in Longview and the surrounding areas.  We’ve had lots of good stuff happen this past week, as well as some disappointments, but God is faithful and He will always provide.

Please, continue to pray for Jamal, the atheist who strongly protested the idea of Christianity or anything even remotely like it!  He went to church this Sunday, praise God!

Pray also that Alexandra will come to Christ in baptism as she plans on doing.  I think my joke about the outdoor baptismal may have scared her off.  Pray that she’ll call me in the next few days and will be baptized into Christ.

Put Brandon on your prayer list as I intend to meet with him some evening this week to present the gospel to him one on one.  Please, pray that I will listen as the Spirit of God guides me in recognizing his particular needs and sensitivities and that I will teach him the Good News faithfully.

On another note:  I have been informed that I’m now able to preach openly at Kilgore College. No more standing on that street corner yelling at folks!  I can actually go into the courtyard and speak with the students where they congregate.  Praise God for that.

Additionally, we are working on printing our first series of tracts.  Please, pray that God won’t let me mess them up.  We desperately need money to print these things.  The public library is the cheapest in town for such a project, but it still costs money.  Pray toward that end for us, if you would.

Thank you all for your faithfulness and, above all, thank God for His.

In Christ,

Brother Cody


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