eBook Coming This Week…Maybe?

Hi friends,

Well, I’ve been working on an eBook entitled BLAMELESS: Is False Humility Killing Your Witness? which should be coming out this week.  You guys can read it for Thanksgiving…you’re welcome.  It comes from my heart about some things that I’m convinced ought not be so.  There’s a false humility among believers that just permeates the church culture and it, in my humble opinion, kills the witness of many.  

I was listening to an ancient J. Vernon Mcgee program today and he expressed his concern that the church in his day was so quiet about the evils of the world that it would become obsolete.  Are we on the brink of an obsolete church?  I sure hope so!  We need a replacement not a reformation.  Praise God that he is raising up folks all over the globe who are tired of this world and would just as soon leave it than be party to it.

Anyway, the book will be free.  So, share away, my friends.  Just be looking for it.  God bless y’all and I pray that everyone has a safe and happy week.  

In Christ,




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