This is a short eBook (about 20 pages) that will hopefully provide some food for though for the church today. What is righteousness?  Can I have some?  Read this short book and find out.  Free download.  Please, share around.  God bless.


3 thoughts on “BLAMELESS eBook

  1. Cody,
    Great treatment of the doctrine of righteousness. As do you, I find much to agree with the reformed concept of imputed righteousness. The problem as I see it is that once we name it and define it, we limit it. God’s righteousness is so much more than mere imputation. Throw in some impartation and infusion and I still don’t think we’ve scratched the surface.
    Grace and Peace,
    From a new reader

    1. Thank you for the comment. Sorry I’m just getting back to you. You’re right; to focus so heavily on imputation is to discount the Good News that Jesus came to purify a people. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You’re also right that we won’t scratch the surface til we see Him face to face and behold His glory. Then we’ll know. But for now I’m going to keep preaching practical righteousness over imputed righteousness, because, if I’m to be recognized by my fruits, I ought to focus on those fruits. Praise God.

    2. I apologize for my late response, Martin. Thank you for the kind words. I believe you’re right on the money in saying that we will probably never get to the whole truth of the doctrine. I tend to believe that God means just what He says, just the way He says it. I haven’t always thought that way, but it’s a relief to see such now. Be blessed.

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