School Blogging Assignment


My name is Cody Marsh.  I’m a married father of two little girls.  In December 2009 I became a Christian while in county jail awaiting sentencing on a third-degree felony.  I had been a drug addict since age 16.  I guess I experimented with drugs and the experiment was a success! Anyway, I was facing ten years and wound up doing a total of a year and a half prison and post-release time combined.  The Lord used that time to prepare me for ministry.  I studied the Bible constantly because I had nothing but time on my hands.  The experiences I had while inside convinced me to pursue ministry.  The Lord blessed me to see a need in others that no one but Himself could fulfill, the same need that He filled in me.

I’ve been involved in all types of ministry from serving in a soup kitchen, evangelistic outreach, to pastoral work in a local church.  Now, I have been blessed to see what the Lord is doing with a fresh church plant that I will be pastoring.

I realize that formal education isn’t absolutely necessary for pastoring; however, as a working father (I’m a contractor) I have sought the best opportunities to further my education.  Last year, I took some lay leadership classes from Western Seminary but I truly desire something more structured and long-term.  My primary goal is to edify the body of Christ and really learn the nuances of pastoral care.  I’m unable to afford traditional schooling, so that is what led me to your Institute.  Thank you so much for offering this opportunity for those of us who are serving, yet unable to go the “traditional” route.   God bless you.

You can get a high-quality Biblical education from Christian Leaders Institute.


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